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COSMIC- Outstanding Researcher Award

for Contribution in the field of
“Management and Business Studies”
Awarded on 22nd Jan 2016
at ACSECT 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Rudrarup Gupta
Overseas Editor/Reviewer, American Institute of Science, United States of America

Rudrarup Gupta is known as an acclaimed Academician, International Author, International Reviewer, International Editorial Board Member and the most encyclopedic innovator through the imperishable cognition of educational brilliance in all over the Globe. He is unquestionably proud for his father Respected Sri Malay Gupta, an industrious Business Personality and the veteran writer in Literature and on the other hand his mother Dr. Rumki Gupta an evident scientist of Indian Statistical Institute, Institute of National Importance. Rudrarup Gupta dedicates his admirable parents for the most ubiquitous contribution and the omnipresent parenting in all the regards. He has not punctuated in B.Com from The University of Calcutta and MBA
from National Institute of Management. He is comprehensively associated with Indian Science News Association for the inestimable thought to share and for the innovative reflection about “Creative Writing” in deed. On the other hand he has been exquisitely focused due to the indomitable spirit of World Taekwondo Legend Respected Master Pradipta Kumar Roy and Pioneer Taekwondo Personality Respected Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury, Member and Technical Advisor of Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame. In other words he has realized this embracing educational glory by the most unprejudiced contribution and an exorbitant care of Respected Bijon Chatterjee and Respected Rinku Chatterjee respectively.

So as an extortionate result Rudrarup Gupta, the versatile thinker has instigated the glow of Management in 2007 by the outstanding stimulation of his parents. Moreover he has focused about Leadership and the best Organizational Boulevard in a befitting manner. Their irresistible support and the unbeaten morality have helped him to publish his exclusive Book entitled: “Emanation of Leaders Magnificence” from Lap Lambert International Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken Germany in 2014. At the same point of time He has received the most prestigious overseas privileged authorship from that wide-ranging Publication House. Not only that, He has published a number of relevant papers of real importance in all over the Globe not only to enhance the needful academic radiance but to disseminate the destined organizational paradigm through the unstoppable
Leadership Approaches. He has been entirely emboldened and exploded by the ever auspicious honor by Advancements in Engineering, Technology and Management (AETM) in 2014. He has got the “Best Paper Presenter Award” from AETM and he has received the Organizing Committee Membership, which has focused his academic versatility in all over the Globe in style.

He is International Editor and Reviewer of American Institute of Science, USA, Overseas Reviewer of Scientific Research Publishing, and USA, Overseas Reviewer of Estonian Business School, Estonia, International Editorial Board Member of Journal of Educational and Management Studies, Iran, Overseas Reviewer of International Research Journal-“Problems and Perspectives in Management, Ukraine, Overseas Reviewer of Top Class Journal of Business Management and Innovations, Brazil.
His Message:
“Education is the prodigious medium for our self expression, which is to be reflected through knowledge, word and wisdom”.