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COSMIC – Young Engineer Award

for Contribution in the field of
“Education and Applied Research”
Awarded on 6th Jan 2017
at AETM 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand

Rahul Eragula
Research Scholar, EThames Degree College Osmania University-India

Rahul Eragula is a management researcher who entangles his writings and work with the concept of genuine leadership that
God wants us to operate in. He has written numerous research papers on leadership alongside many case-studies that envelop
the modern marketing and entrepreneurship principles. His book “The Essence of Role Contentment in Corporate Leadership”
has brought multiple responses from leaders emerging from various backgrounds towards attaining that one thing
man always wants, which is the factor of contentment. Adding to his many publications, he has received multiple accolades
in his career among which, recognitions for Business Excellence in Business Leadership and Business Excellence in Marketing
Management awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses are notable.