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COSMIC – Young Engineer Award

for Contribution in the field of
“Management and Business Studies”
Awarded on 6th Jan 2017
at AETM 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Rudrarup Gupta
Academic Researcher, Kolkata, India Overseas Reviewer, World Academy of Science and Technology, USA

Rudrarup Gupta is a pregmatic Academic Researcher, who is mesmerizing the best eminance of educational magnification in a blazing diemention for this regimented universe to initiate the historic era of scholastic discovery.
Prime Qualification: B.Com, MBA, Perusing Research in Management (Leadership)
Executive Achievements:
Book Published

Author: Rudrarup Gupta
Book Title: Emanation of Leaders Magnificence:
Global Omnipotence of Community Leadership Approach
Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany
Author: Rudrarup Gupta
Title of the Book: The Exhilarating Cultural Metamorphosis
Partridge, India, Head Quarter- Liberty Drive, Bloomington, USA
ISBN NO. 978-1-4828-7470-9
I have got CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION and one of EXCELLENCE from “Aakhirkyon” for writing outstanding articles of real importance. I am the Vice President of Aakhirkyon (Content- eastern Region).

Executive Designation:

  • International Editor and Reviewer of American Institute of Science, USA
  • Overseas Reviewer of Scientific Research Publishing, USA
  • International Editorial Board Member of Journal of Educational and Management Studies, Iran
  • Overseas Privileged Author of Lap Lambert International Academic Publishing, Germany
  • I have been appointed as an Editorial Review Board Member of Academy of Strategic Management Journal from Al lied Business Academics, Candler, USA in 2016.
  • Overseas Privileged Author of Partridge India, Head Quarter is in Bloomington, USA
  • I have been appointed as a Reviewer of Cosmic Journals Group, India in 2016.
  • I have been appointed as an Editorial Board Member of Journal of Tourism & Hospitality from Las Angeles, USA in 2016.
  • I have got the Certificate of Editorial Board Membership from Science Publishing Group, New York, USA for my Inter national Contribution in 2016.

The Momentous Occupational Award

  • He has got the “Best paper Presenter” award from an International Conference organized by AETM 2014 for a re search paper entitled: “Transformation of Leadership is the Prime Focus for an Organizational Assessment” on 26th July, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • He has got the Shyamal Ghosh Smiriti Award in all over West Bengal because of a cultural contribution from Nan dan, Kolkata on 25th September, 2014.
  • He has got the “William Harvey Award-2015 in Business Management”, which is conferred with “International Agen cy for Standards and Ratings” on 3rd June, 2015.
  • He has got the “News Beat Excellence Award” as a Best Academician in 2015 from Kolkata, India on 30th December, 2015.
  • He has got the “COSMIC-Outstanding Researcher Award” for my contribution in the field of Management and Business Studies from Bangkok, Thailand on 22nd January, 2016.
  • He has got the Great Contribution Award from Aakhirkyon (The Web Portal) from New Delhi, India in 2016.
  • He has received the Green ThinkerZ-Bright Researcher Award for his contribution in the field of Management from Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development, Chandigarh, India in 2016

As per my realistic discernment, “The virtue of Academic Research originates a compelling awareness, when the unique invention grabs the human attention through a rewarding manifestation, pleasing elevation and most notably engaging competition for the ultimate solution”.