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About Cosmic Group

‘Cosmic Group’ is the leading gateway to a family of journals and conferences that offer an international platform to exhibit the skills of researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, managers, professionals, academicians and professors. Through these peer-reviewed open access online journals worldwide research community gets the chance to communicate and synchronize their research activities leading to growth and application of research and technology.

‘Cosmic Group’ are the medium to discover the basic blocks of the latest research. The journals publish original theoretical research work and application-based studies, either as full length articles or short communications, technical articles, review articles, special reports and letters to the editor, which contribute to a better understanding of engineering, science and technological challenges and their respective solutions. By gaining the knowledge of present findings, the students and researchers can make significant contributions to their areas of research.

At the conferences organized by ‘Cosmic Group’, we are committed to offer advance learning, valuable information, and research aspects from the global sources. Our conferences are rich and valuable resource platform to study the various advancements in the research area over a period of years and hence these avoid the reinventing of the wheel process. We are continually expanding our online journal and conference list so as to accomplish our commitment to our current and potential partners and clients. With ‘Cosmic Group’, peer-reviewed electronic journals and international multidisciplinary conferences from the wide ranging fields including Science, Engineering, Technology, Management and various other subjects can be found.